How you can Loosen a Shower Head Without the need of a Wrench

A pipe wrench is definitely the common tool of option for removing a shower head. Nevertheless, several of us just don’t possess a pipe wrench lying about. They are out there at dwelling improvement shops, but when you never want to devote the added cash you can find other strategies to dismantle the shower head. You are able to use your hands in the event you have a robust grip, or an additional household tool.

Spray a rust penetrating oil, like WD-40, and/or lime remover

about the circumference of your shower head fitting in case you notice rust buildup or lime. Even when you don’t notice buildup, spraying the fitting with oil will aid to loosen it. Let the solution saturate the shower head fitting for 15 to 20 minutes.

Wrap a wash cloth around the shower head fitting to prevent scratches or to offer you a improved grip.

Grip the shower head fitting inside a pair of angled or frequent pliers, or your hands; angled pliers are best-suited for the process. Turn the fitting using the pliers or your hand counterclockwise till loose.

Spray additional oil on the fitting if it seems stuck. Then make an effort to take away it once more along with your pliers or hand.

Post time: Mar-17-2017
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