The top Height to Put a Shower Head

Creating codes usually do not specify a specific height to get a shower head. Nonetheless, you will find common heights for shower heads that builders use when installing bathtubs, showers as well as the needed plumbing.

Standard height for a shower head is 61 inches in the tub or shower pan floor. This height makes it easy for many users.

Normal height for a shower head is 61 inches from the floor.

No particular guidelines apply to shower head height. Optimal shower head heights might range from 54 inches to get a 5-foot-tall person to 78 inches for an individual 6 1/2 feet or taller.

Optimal shower heights will differ determined by height and individual preference.

Accessible showers will have to give a shower head on a versatile hose that is at least 60 inches extended and usable as either a fixed or hand-held shower head. Some ADA compliant showers possess a vertical bar that enables the fixed height to be set as desired and other people contain an further shower head set at 60 inches.

Post time: Mar-17-2017
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