Ways to Install a Hand-Held Shower Head

Installing a flexible, hand-held shower head is often a very simple project that can be performed by even one of the most inexperienced homeowner/plumber using easy tools available in most residence tool boxes.
In addition to upgrading the hardware within your bathroom the installation of a hand-held shower head supplies flexibility inside the shower that aids in cleaning and maintaining the shower. This installation might be completed in ten minutes or significantly less.Use an adjustable wrench to

take away the existing, fixed shower head and set this aside.Clean residue build-up on shower head threads by wetting the threads with vinegar. Then clean them with steel wool

or a Brillo pad.Wipe any residue

in the surface and dry it with paper towel. 

Allow the threads to dry and then wrap threads with one layer of Teflon tape wrapped inside a clockwise direction.Thread the hand-held hose attachment

over the outlet pipe threads and slowly screw the hose in place more than the Teflon-coated threads.Tighten

till you are able to tighten no longer. Do not force more tightening. 

Choose a preferred position for placement on the wall mount to be used when the shower head will be to be utilized as a frequent shower. 

Ordinarily this will be equal in height and six to 8 inches for the side of your old (fixed) shower head location.

Post time: Mar-17-2017
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